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Custom Tote Bag

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I've got an great tutorial for you today--how to make a custom tote bag.  It's super easy, customizable, and practical!  So, here it goes...

Here are the supplies you'll need:

:: Canvas tote {available at any craft store}
:: Package of iron-on transfer paper {also available at most craft stores}
:: Iron
:: Your customized image for the bag.

{Step 1}
Create your custom image on the computer.  Here is mine.
{Step 2}
Create a mirror image of it by flipping it horizontally.

{Step 3}
Print the mirror image onto your iron-on transfer paper.  It can be run through a regular ink jet print very easily.

{Step 4}
Trim around the image.
I cut rounded corners on mine to give it a finished look.

{Step 5}
Position transfer image face-down on tote bag where you want the image to transfer.
Make sure the canvas surface is smooth, the image is straight, and you have a hard, flat background.  The transfer paper instructions suggest not using an ironing board, but using a cutting board {which is why you'll notice a cutting board inside the bag}.

{Step 6}
Iron on image following transfer paper instructions.  Usually ironing 15-20 seconds in a circular motion.  Make sure to get the edges really well. 

{Step 7}
Once the image has been heated and transfered, allow the backing to cool and then slowly peel it off.

...and you're done!

Add embellishments or leave as it.  It's the perfect summer carry-all!

If you'd like to use the image I created for your own bag (or t-shirt, or whatever...), you can download it HERE.

Have a happy 4th of July weekend!


Sweeter Hours said...

Very inspirational quote! I would love that on a teeshirt. Thanks for sharing.

SR luin said...

Good to see such nice tote bags with beautiful customization. Tote bags are a symbol of stylish gesture and smart personality. Popularity of tote bag is increasing day by day. As it is a nice product, some customization can take the style/smartness to a new level. Wanna know more.

Custom Tote Bags

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