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Jewelry Week: Using Jewelry as Decoration, Part 1

I'm not sure about you, but I know that, as I started gaining jewelry (mainly costume jewelry---you know, the fun stuff), I started losing space, and I soon realized that I needed to figure something out, fast.  One big jewelry holder wasn't going to do the trick.  So, in my magazine perusing I found an article about using drawer pulls as necklace hangers.  I tried it out only to see that it was so easy! ...and, it gave my jewelry a dual role; decoration for me and my walls.

These are the steps:
1. Buy however many drawer pulls that you think you'll needed for the amount of necklaces that you own (or think you might eventually own. :) ).
                        Anthropologie has great drawer pulls like these:

2. Find the appropriate wall space.  Mine is in my bedroom, next to my dresser.  It could also work in a closet or bathroom.

3. Screw the drawer pulls directly into the wall, spaced evenly apart.  Not so far that it looks awkward, and not too close so that you can't pile-up the necklaces.

4. Hang your necklaces on their new hooks and, Voila!  You're done!

Here is what mine looks like:

Here are some other brilliant ideas, if you don't want to screw the drawer pulls straight into the wall:


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