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I'm back!  We had a wonderful trip to North Carolina!  We got to do some kayaking, hiking, and swimming...and we even took a day-trip to see the Biltmore Estate--amazing!  I'll post pictures soon.  The gardens at the Biltmore were incredible and will go perfectly with my upcoming garden post, so stay tuned. :)

My next few posts will be dedicated to my Dollar Tree Projects.  My husband and I are having to "re-evaluate" our finances due to a recent, significant change in his employment status, so thrifty is my new middle name (although, I do think I've always been pretty thrifty...).  Your prayers would definitely be much appreciated. Needless to say that I am trusting in God's perfect planning and providence.

And now to my project...

Dollar Tree has some great stuff for $1, so I like to stop in randomly.  One afternoon, I was browsing through their picture frames and found these great, square, white frames.  They looked like they'd go perfectly in a baby's room, but since there are no babies in my house, I couldn't figure out where else I would use them.  I was tempted to buy them anyway, but then didn't know how many to buy, so I decided I'd think on it and then come back for them if I thought of a good idea.  Well...I thought of a good idea, about half way home.  The bathroom!

I suddenly remembered that I'd been wanting something to hang over the towel bar and these frames were small enough to fit multiples.  The colors in our master bath are white, taupe, and lake breeze blue, so I realized that the white frames would go perfectly. 

I bought 4 frames
Found some taupe/beige matte board that I had from a past design project
Purchased brown chipboard letters from Jo-Anns (with a 40% off coupon, of course!)
...and went to work

I cut the matte board into 4 square pieces that fit inside the picture back openings of each of the frames.  Then, I centered one letter of B-A-T-H in each frame, placed the backing in the frame, and hung all four above the towel rack.  Here is the finished product:

Another option for backing is scrapbook paper.  Michaels or Joanns has tons of options in this department, and at prices less than $1, you can't go wrong!

Here are some other cute framing ideas:

This one just uses framed scrapbook paper-super cute and easy!

I like the single letter look with the scrapbook paper background--classic.

Or, you could get longer with your words and go seasonal--these would be really easy to change with the seasons!

Ooooh, and this one is adorable.  Just put the scrapbook paper backing in, leave out the glass, and attach a mini clothespin to the backing.  You can purchase a bag of 30 of these mini clothespins at Joann's or Michael's for next to nothing!

None of these frames are very large, nor do they look too expensive, so check around at your local dollar store and see if you find anything inspiring!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Hi Jenna! I'm so flattered that you followed my blog and featured my framed monogram! Thank you so much! :)

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