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Ok, I have to admit it; I'm a little obsessed with birds (I guess that makes sense since I also love I like a "bird lady"???...I hope not!)

I'm not really sure why I love them so much, but I do.  They've been pretty popular in home decor for the past few years and it's amazing how expensive they can be.  A little bird figurine or ornament can cost you anywhere from $15-$35, depending on where you're looking.  Typically the cute little boutiques that carry vintage/garden style, shabby-chic decor will have the little birdies all around--they're usually cutest in those types of places, but also the most expensive.

Anyway!  All that to say, I found the cutest little bird votive holder at the dollar store the other day!  While I love the dollar store, sometimes their "home decor" items can look a little cheap or cheesy, but this bird was adorable!  It goes great on my coffee table.

Here is some other great bird decor. :)


Hope this doesn't put you on "bird overload" :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Amanda said...

i love this. When Eric and I had our first apartment together, we lived right by a pond and I became obsessed with the ducks, mallards i think? and with that I began buying duck statues at like tj maxx and marshalls. My mom and sister even bought us a duck figurine thing when we moved into our next place. I really like the bird bed.. and the tree/bird decal.

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