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So, I admit, life has been pretty hectic lately and, honestly, I don't see it settling down very soon--I guess that's always the way, once school starts back.  Regardless, I am dedicated!...and I promise to try to get 2 posts to you every week. :)

I wanted to share this cute little DIY project with you since it goes perfectly with my mini-rainy-season series.  It's probably one of the easiest projects I'll post on here, so if you'd have a use for it, definitely give it a try.

These pebble boot trays are great  because they are functional AND they add a little texture and an outdoorsy feel to your interior.

There are a couple of different ways to make them, so I'll give you a couple of options.  The first is the easiest.

1. Find a boot tray that's deep enough to hold some medium-sized pebbles or river rocks like this.

2. Fill the boot tray with the river rocks

...and you're done!  The functional part about them is that they allow all of the water and mud that comes in on your shoes to drain off to the bottom of the tray without leaving a puddle for your shoes to sit in.

The trick is cleaning the bottom of the tray and the pebbles every so often, especially if you live in areas that are constantly rainy or muddy.

The second way is my own version that I came up with because I have two curious animals that would either play with the rocks or eat them.

To begin with, I already had a more shallow boot tray that I got at the dollar looks like this.  Nothing special about it.

 I bought about 3 bags of smaller pebbles closer to this size from Joann (with a coupon, of course!):

...and glued them to the bottom of the tray with white school glue.

I basically smeared the glue into a thin layer on the bottom of the tray, spread the pebbles out, and left it to dry over night.
It was so easy and now my boot tray is more than just a black piece of plastic---it has some character!

Happy Tuesday!


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I absolutely love your blog, you are so creative!

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