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The Best Table Ever

So, I found this How-To in an old back-issue of Martha Stewart Living and I immediately added it to my to do list.  I've even scouted out my tree and everything!

The picture in the article showed this serene scene that nobody can deny.
Of course, my eye immediately went to the tree trunk end tables that I decided I HAD to have in my house.  So, as I'm still flipping through the magazine trying to think of the best way to go about making one, I come to the how-to....exactly the reason that I love Martha Stewart.

After reading the steps, I realized that the hardest part would be finding the trunk and getting it home. 

Tools Needed:
Electric sander
Tree stump: Make sure the wood is DRY, if it's still slightly wet, let it dry in the sun so that the enamel doesn't bubble when applied.
Sandpaper in extra-fine, fine, medium, and coarse grades
Wood filler
2 paintbrushes, 1 for primer and 1 for paint
Wood primer
Enamel paint
3 to 4 furniture gliders

Step 1: Use electric sander to prepare the surface of the stump.  Sand until top is smooth.
Step 2: If there are holes or uneven areas, use the wood filler to patch them and then sand lightly to smooth with a fine sandpaper.
Step 3: With a paintbrush, apply wood primer to top surface, painting from the outside edges inward to keep primer from dripping down sides. Let dry, then sand lightly by hand with extra-fine paper.
Step 4: With other brush, apply enamel paint to top, again painting from the outside toward center. Let dry 2 to 3 days.
Step 5: Sand lightly by hand with fine paper. Apply another light coat of enamel. Let dry for at least 2 days.
Step 6: To create feet, hammer furniture gliders into base.

The tables retail for big bucks, so making one of your own is definitely the way to go!  Can't wait to make mine!

Have a great weekend!!


magiglide castor cups said...

Wow! I love that eye catching tree trunk end tables! I want that for my new house. It was very compatible with my nature inspired town house. I will buy furniture gliders to protect my classy floor from scratches.

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