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Small Item Storage Tips

Since I'm an organization junkie, I felt the NEED to share some information from this article with you from BHG.  It's on "storage ideas for small items" it is really very clever.  You can read the full article here.

"This pan will do more than help you cook when you use it to compartmentalize office supplies. Use an inexpensive cupcake pan to organize small items that have a tendency to get lost in drawers."
"Control clutter in a junk drawer with this low-cost solution. Here silicone cupcake liners hold small, loose items. An egg carton stashes items such as thumb tacks and staples in the egg cups and larger items such as pencils, a calculator, and a pair of scissors on the other side.
Expert Tip: Make one of these for the laundry room and fill it with all the little things that come out of the dryer such as coins and buttons. Dress it up with a quick coat of spray paint."
"Use a toothbrush holder to artfully store paintbrushes, pens, and pencils. Use a matching soap dish to house business cards and other small items. These clever containers will keep your drawers and desktop free of clutter."
"Round up spare glass canisters or jars to provide storage for hobby and sewing supplies, kitchen clutter, and jewelry. They can also organize -- and still display -- small collectibles such as matchbooks, marbles, and pins."
If you read my post of these great apothecary jars, this would be a great use for them!

"A paper-towel dowel and a metal tray are all you need to achieve this easy craft storage space. Attach magnets to the bottom of tiny boxes to keep your trinkets in plain sight."
 Check out this post on other uses for a paper towel holder.

"Install a magnetic knife wall mount to the side of a shelving unit and hang small items on magnetic hooks."

Have a clutter-free day!


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