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Thanksgiving Traditions

Wow...I can't believe that Thanksgiving will be here in exactly one week!  Since the school year started, time has absolutely flown by.  I remember, in past years, feeling like I had to wait and wait for Thanksgiving to get here... but now, all of the sudden, here we's 7 days away and I've hardly had a chance to stop and breathe, let alone get excited about the upcoming holiday.  So, this is it, I am using tonight's post to talk about my favorite Thanksgiving tradition which, aside from all of the great food, is one of the main reasons that I look forward to Thanksgiving every year.

My husband and I have been married for 4 years now, although we've known each other since kindergarten.  When we got married, and we had to make the dreadful decision of which family to spend which major holiday with, we decided that we'd like for there to be a time when both of our families could celebrate together so we made a decision to host a Thanksgiving breakfast.  So, 2 months into marriage, while living in a little apartment, we invited all 13 of our immediate family members (my parents and sister along with his parents and 8 other siblings) over to celebrate.  It was a crowd, for sure, but for us, it was the one time that the in-laws all came together...and it was wonderful.  Since then, we've been religious about carrying on our little Thanksgiving tradition.  Every year, our families prepare all kinds of great breakfast foods and bring them over to our house (we have more space now since we moved out of the apartment) on Thanksgiving morning to watch the parade and check out black Friday adds.  It's simple and sweet.

Of course, over the years, life has brought change; different family members have moved family members have been added.  We don't always have the exact same crowd, but everyone who can make it enjoys it.

I think that traditions are an important part of holidays for this very reason--they create a catalyst for those special, memorable times with family and friends that we can look forward to.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and all of the traditions that come with it.  I know that I definitely have a lot to be thankful for.


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