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What can you do with $1.50?

At Old Time Pottery, the other day, I picked up a roll of decorative, adhesive shelf liner.  I know it sounds lazy, but one of our night stands needs to be refinished and I just haven't taken the time to do it.  It's really only the top of it that looks bad, so I figured I could add a little interest and cover up the ugly with the liner.  The great part(s) about it is that 1) It comes in a ton of cute patterns 2) It already has adhesive on the back, so application is simple, and 3) It's only $1.50/roll!  (the back usually has a grid on it too, for easy cutting)

I picked a relatively neutral pattern and the one that went best with the decor in our bedroom: a simple basket weave

I simply measured the top of the table, cut, peeled and stuck!  

If you're interested in more uses for adhesive shelf liner check out the article below:

- Add it to the back panel of bookcases, entertainment centers, of shadow boxes.  The print on the liner paper will add visual interest and looks especially nice when illuminated by dim accent lighting.

- Use to cover a stack of books and display them on side tables.

- Cover light switches and wall outlets. 

- Find your favorite shape or animal stencil (ie. bird) and cut it out from the shelf liner.  You immediately have an adhesive embellishment for a wall or to use as framed art.

- Make a one-of-a-kind clipboard, as done in the photo shown.  Personalize it by adding craft beads, artificial flowers, faux gems, or other decorative art supplies



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