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Cleverness Giveaway!

I am very excited to announce that Everyday Clever will soon be opening a shop {on the blog}.  I will be selling Cleverness {art prints} in a few weeks, but I am giving you a sneak peek today!!

I need your help, though.  In exchange for your vote, you could win one free piece of Cleverness! 

Shown below are the 10 prints that will {potentially} be for sale.  I want to make sure I don't have a dud in there, though.  All you have to do is follow Everyday Clever {unless you're already following me}, and then vote for your top pick by leaving a comment.

Since you can only have one #1 choice, each person is limited to one entry...sorry. :(

Next Monday, April 25th, one lucky person will be randomly selected.  The winner will get their top pick for free!

All pieces are printed on heavy cardstock and are size 8x10 for easy framing.

{#1:Matthew 5:16}

{#2: Kiss Me with white background}


{#4: Always & Forever}

{#5: Spring}

{#6: Enjoy}

{#7: Darling}

{#8: Sand & Salt with white background}

{#9: Buckle [Baby]}

{#10: Sweet Baby}

Be Honest :)


Anonymous said...

My pick is #3 the bird. It was hard to pick as there are so many good ones! =) Happy Easter!
Catie Gall

Jen said...

#3 for me as well. So adorable!

Sarah Hall said...

Number 3 is super cute. Also love number 4, but I think the polka dots plus the pretty font make my eyes hurt a little. However, since I only get one vote, I think number 8 is my favorite. But they are all beautiful :)

Matt, Kristi, and Allison said...

Love 7 and 9 but voting for 4 as my favorite! Super cute. Best of luck with the sales.

Linda owens said...

#3 for too from mom

Jennifer Bennett, MACE, LPC, LPF said...

I LOVE #1-something about having scripture hung up- just love it!

I will say that I also LOVE #3.

Yay! So excited for you!

Jen Bennett

Kristin said...

#3 ... I really enjoy reading your blog/seeing all of you ideas!

Emily H R said...

#1, 3, and 8 are my faves... Probably #1 is my very favorite. You're amazing! :)

ally roebke said...

My vote is for 3!!! And this better work!

LEA said...

ok after thinking about it for days, i'm going to have to go with #8!!!

Mrs. Mc said...

I like #3...chirp chirp!

Anonymous said...

I love # 8 - the contrast in the colors and the stippling in the coral- it draws you in! And, it is sweet -
From Karen

mytoesareblue said...

came to your site from Jen's 'home in the boro' i love alot of what you've done here! i'm torn between picking 'every day' and the sand and salt one. but i'll pick the sand and salt #8 and my fav

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