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DIY Serving Plate

While I was at our local flower festival, I saw a vendor selling thse.  They were adorable! 
She'd made a bunch of them and had them stacked so that they looked tiered.  When I looked at them closer I realized, I can make that!  So I did.  And now, so will you. :)


1. A large-mouthed stem glass--something antique and cut would look really cool!

2. A decorated plate--I got this one and the glass at a thrift store for under $2, total.

3. Super Glue (available at the Dollar Store)--gel works great!


1. Squirt a good amount of glue on bottom of glass.

Step 2: Smear the glue so it covers the bottom of the glass evenly.

Step 3: Place bottom of glass on bottom of plate (be sure to center it as best as you can on the first stick because it won't move...even a little)

Step 4: Wait a minute (and I literally mean, 1 min.) and flip it over to see the finished product!

You can make multiples at different heights and with different size plates and use them to decorate...anywhere!

Total cost $3.  You can't beat that!

Have a great weekend!  I am running in my very first 5K on Saturday!
Can't wait!


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