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Mercury Glass

Mercury glass has been a hot thing on the market for the past 6 months or so.  You can find it at most craft stores, furniture stores, and even at Target {of course, they have everything!}...and I've always liked it.  Thought it was pretty.  But never wanted to pay a whole lot for it.  Well, now I can have it {and so can you!} without paying hardly anything at all.

 According to DIY Hacks, Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint is your ticket to that inexpensive mercury glass look.

Here are the steps to get this look:
First: Spray the item (lamp, vase...anything made out of glass) with water, first.  Almost a mist so that it stays on the object instead of dripping off.
Then: Spray Krylon Looking Glass spray paint {while the object is still wet with mist}.

Outcome: The paint won't stick smoothly and evenly on the object because the water will prevent that and you'll get the distressed, silver look of Mercury Glass!

Pretty simple, huh?

Go make some Mercury Glass!


Anonymous said...

You are using my copyrighted photo of mercury glass candlesticks in Paris, without permission and without credit. This is copyright infringement. Kindly remove the photo at once. Thank you.

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