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Adding Clever to your Everyday

So, I've never been a die-hard blogger.  I did attempt to get into it once, while I was in college, but had nothing "interesting" to write about... I got bored with my own blog, realized that no one probably read it (I mean, who really cared if my roommate's stuffed animal fell through the cracks onto my bed, every night.), and gave up.  And that was it, for years...until now.

I've recently gotten into reading other people's blogs and realized that, a lot of what I read about, I do myself.  So, I came to the conclusion--why don't I do that?!...and, so I am...doing that.

A few of my favorite blogs are Little Green Notebook , Cote de Texas ,The Bargain Shopper Lady , and Freebies 4 Mom.  Check them out!

Currently, I teach middle school English (my Bachelor's degree is in English), but I am 5 classes away from graduating with my Interior Design degree--a 7 year dream just 2, short semesters away from coming true!  In the meantime, I find creative, resourceful, inexpensive, and clever ways to decorate my own house on a teacher's salary (which, we all know, isn't very much).  I also love to paint, although I've never formally studied it, I dabbled in it during my college years and have continued to dabble since.  Here is one of my paintings---a copy of some master, I'm sure.

This blog is really a way for me to share with you my everyday clever. I am not a master seamstress or painter or carpenter or gardener, but I definitely adore a beautiful fabric;

 like this one from Designers Guild
   am inspired by a good paint color;

image via The Stir
appreciate quality handiwork;

 image via Leporello Living
and am charmed by the beauty of nature.

 Martha Stewart Living via Digging Dog

I love a good deal and I live on a budget, so welcome to my blog!


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