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This morning, when the clock struck 5, and the alarm started blaring, I definitely was not in a hurry to get out of bed.  My husband and I have been doing the P90X workout routine for the past 70 (or so) days, and I still hate the sound of that blasted alarm...beach body or no beach body...

So, I've been dreaming dreams of comfy, cozy covers and layered beds, and I thought I'd share them with you.  I was reading through one of my Pottery Barn books on bedrooms, and noticed that almost every bed had a "layered look".  Nothing difficult or burdensome, but really quite charming.  Adding the layered look to your bed can make the room much more inviting and, if you're smart with your choice of sheets and throws, you can add some style in there too.

Here is a picture of my guest room.  White and yellow are the predominate colors in this room, but I've thrown in a couple extra accent colors here and there.

You can see the layers a little better here- I used a light blue fitted sheet, white ruffled flat sheet, white quilt, and green throw.  A couple of throw pillows always add a little extra pop to any room.

Turning the top sheet down just enough to show the color of the fitted sheet and the edge of the flat sheet will make the whole bed look so much more inviting.

Now, a look like this does require you to make your bed.  I'm a bed-maker. I always have husband isn't.  Mornings are fun. :)  ...actually, he's really quite a champ about dealing with my bed-making. I can't complain.

Here are some other luxuriously layered beds that you might enjoy.  Happy browsing!

Pottery Barn

Interior Fabrics

Pottery Barn via Swan White Curtain


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