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Curbside Treasures

I'm always on the lookout for curbside treasures.  You'd be surprised at the amount of great stuff that I find in the trash....  On our vacation to North Carolina we drove over a salvage/junk yard and my comment was "I bet there is so much cool stuff in there!"  My friends just laughed and told me how weird I was.

Check out this awesome bird cage I found on the curb today, though.  It's a little dusty, but in almost perfect condition!  I'm stoked about it!

 I love birdcages--check out some of these others.  They add such a cool design element to a room!

I think that's the same birdcage as mine!
  (All images via Apartment Therapy)


Jen said...

I love birdcages too. I just hate the birds that go inside them! Great find! :)

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