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More Nature as Decoration

Ever since I read an issue of Martha Stewart Living with an article on driftwood, I've been dying to incorporate some of it as decor in my own home.  I'm not 100% sure where driftwood is "indigenous" but, I can promise you that it's hard to find it in Florida.

About a year ago, I searched and searched (and dragged my sister-in-law with me) on the Florida coast and was able to find one piece that I decided to take home.  I went to all of the trouble of cleaning it and drying it in the sun only to let it sit in my garage for months after that, not really sure how to use it.

I ended up getting rid of it a few months ago thinking that the possibility of driftwood decorating was over...then, we went to North Carolina, and we went kayking on a lake surrounded by trees and mountains and I found more driftwood!  This most recent piece of driftwood that I found has waaay more character than the first.  The first piece was very flat, so if I were to lay it on a table or chest, it wouldn't stand up as a feature.  The piece that I found on our recent vacation is all kinds of interesting.
It's a larger piece of driftwood, to begin with, but it's also more bent and oddly-shaped than the the first--which is exactly what I wanted.

Did you know that people pay big bucks for driftwood?!  This piece is 250 pounds because it is "sculpture-like."  That's crazy!

I have a couple of possible ideas for the driftwood I found, but I am waiting for it to be completely dried out before I begin working.  I thought I'd find some other driftwood inspiration in the meantime. 

This looks like it could be really easy to make--my first piece of driftwood would have been better for this sort of thing.
Driftwood rack by designer Ben Forgey

I could have my hubby drill a hole large enough to plant some succulents in it.  Did I mention that I absolutely adore succulents?  What do you think?  This image below from Viva Terra shows a succulent garden in driftwood, although the driftwood pieces are smaller. 

I could make some sort of candelabra.  It might require drilling, as well, and I am not sure that I'd want to use real candles (maybe those battery powered tea lights, instead) but, I like the thought of driftwood and candlelight.
House Beautiful

Or!  I could always make it into a clock--scratch the shells hanging from it and it could be pretty cool!

Or, maybe I'll just leave it as-is and retain the natural artistic flair as shown in these pictures.


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

I have a huge piece of driftwood I found in Maine that is the centerpiece of my summer mantle - I'm posting about it soon! I can't believe people pay so much money for something that is easily found in nature! Crazy.

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