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Plates, Plates, Plates

As you may have already figured out, my guest room is my "ongoing experiment".  It's my little piece of shabby chic heaven and, since I'm naturally attracted to the shabby-chic style, I'm constantly coming up with new ways to add to that space.  When we first moved into our house, I wanted something to go on the wall above the bed--I didn't want a large picture, or a collage of pictures...I wanted something different that really added to the space.  I had seen plates used before and thought that, even though plates were historically used in the kitchen, I could probably pull it off in my guestroom...and so, I went hunting...

Of course, thrift stores were my first stop--they're definitely one of the best places to buy a single unique plate.  I also found a couple at places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods (which are both great resource for affordable, shabby-chic home decor), and to finish of the display, I got a plate from one of my great-grandmother's incomplete sets.

Once I found my plates, I came up with a pattern, bought plate hangers from Michaels with my 40% off coupons and put my husband to work hanging them. ;)  
   This is the end result:

I wanted all of my plates to be different, but there are plenty of different ways to create your plate display.  Here are some other examples.

More above the bed.

 In a row or "wave" effect.
Image via RecoverGirl

With ribbon...

In the loo? 

Above the dresser?...with platters?

Flanking a mirror?

Matching plates, inside of frames, with utensils attached?

There are so many different options for plate art design, I couldn't even begin to show you all of the options--but there are a TON!!!  So start searching for your plates!


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