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Ahh! Vino!

  I stumbled upon this great idea a month or so ago on Finding Fabulous and tried it out.  It's so easy and cheap that it's almost a crime not to try it.

Step 1: Call your local Whole Foods, Green Life, Fresh Market...or any other local natural food store and ask them if they have any wooden wine crates that they're throwing away.  I called Whole Foods and they had a number of different ones available and gave me 2 of them.

Here is a picture of the one I stained: 

Step 2: Purchase a can of stain or find the leftover can in the garage and pop it open.

Step 3: Lightly (or heavily) stain the crate to add some age to it.  If you like the natural wood look, then keep it as is!

Step 4: Use it wherever you'd like around your house---storage, decoration, both!
Here is a picture of Jane's over at FF:

Fall is in the air!


Winepine said...

Very nice. I saw the same Finding Fabulous piece, and that's where I got the Minway Walnut finish idea to give the crate a little more "patina".

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