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Easy, Fall Decorating Projects

I thought you might be able to use these cute Fall decorating ideas.  This weekend is my "fall decorating" day so I've been on the hunt for cute ideas.  Here is some of the stuff that I found!

Scented Potpourri Balls
Create potpourri balls to fill any room with fragrance, texture, and color. Start with plastic foam craft spheres. Use hot glue to attach the potpourri elements all around the balls. Overlap the decorative pieces to completely cover the foam. Display the balls in individual glass vases, on decorative plates, or together in a larger bowl.

Mantel Display
Hang brightly colored fall leaves on S-hooks (used for jewelry making and found at crafts stores) and string them across a slender red silk ribbon. Tack nails to either end of a colorful empty frame and suspend the ribbon loosely across the center, tying it to the nails on either side of the frame. Complete the display by spreading a branch full of brightly colored berries across the length of the mantel and setting petite gourds atop egg cups.

Fall Centerpiece
Weight a small pot with stones, then fill with florist's foam. Stick your freshly cut tree branch into the foam, then wrap the pot in a drawstring jute sack. We paired our tree branch with small floral arrangements made of roses, millet, kale, leaves, and berries.

Anywhere Display
Fresh flowers and a few mini pumpkins make a great addition to any tabletop for fall.  Pick the fall colors of your choice and create a display that's fresh and fun.

Check out the full article with more fun ideas at BHG.  You can never have too much fall!

October is here! Enjoy your weekend!


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