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Pretty Petals

Well, I planted my Petunias and my Geraniums are blooming so I've got flowers on the brain.  Putting together a nice flower arrangement is something people pay big money can also add new life to a space, so if you know how to do it right, you've got skills ;).

Here are few tips courtesy of BHG that will help you as you put together your spring flower arrangements:

-Water Temp Matters-

Warm water helps tightly closed flower heads, such as roses or ranunculus, to open fully. Leave them in water for a day or two before using them.

-Use Foam-

Use florist's foam to keep flowers in place and constantly hydrated so they last longer. Soak the foam for 15 minutes before cutting it to fit the container. Water the foam every couple of days.

-Trim, Trim-

Recut stems just before adding them to the arrangement. Strip off any leaves that fall below the water line. {<---thought this was very interesting}

-Picking Flowers-

Add large, heavy flowers first, fill in with smaller, airier blooms, and leave enough space between the stems so individual flowers have room to shine. Include flowers with various shapes and stem lengths.

-Height Matters-

Make your bouquet taller than its container by about one and a half times. Also, make the width balance the height.


Save larger leaves and stems with leaves on them to fill in around the flowers. Drape some of the greenery over the container's rim.

-Proper Placement-

Keep flowers away from sunlight and heating vents. Recut stems and add water often.

-Make an Impact-

For the most natural look, gather the blooms into clusters of like flowers, rather than placing them individually into a more carefully arranged bouquet.

 Now, get to pickin'!


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