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Cameras & Photoshop

Since I entered blog world, I've always been amazed at the great pictures on everyone else's blog.  I just assumed that an expensive camera was what made the difference, but I've come to realize that it's more about being a creative photographer.  After going through an "I-really-want-a-quality{expensive}-camera" phase, I decided I would get to know my current camera better and take some Photoshop classes.  I figured that, even though I didn't have an expensive camera, if I could learn to use it's functions well and touch up the little mistakes, then not having the best camera might be ok.

Well, I've taken my first Photoshop class and am signed up for round 2 tomorrow...  I also talked to the designer I am interning for about general setting on any camera that would be helpful.

She taught me how to take advantage of the macro setting.  This is the picture of my wedding rings we took when we were playing around with the same setting on her camera.

Today, I played around with the setting {since I actually had enough day light} while taking pictures of my book page art.  

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