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I love white. 
Bright White. Winter White. Off-White. White. White. White.  
So, once spring hits, I pull out the white! 
{not so fashionably correct, but who cares?!}  

 When I saw this shirt on {P.S. I Made This}, it became a definite must-do on the project fact! I've already made one.  I got a little hasty with the scissors, though and am planning a re-do sometime before Easter, so I will post pics once I get shirt #2 completed.

Here are the steps:

  • Purchase a pack of white tees (the more tees, the more ruffles you can create).  
  • Cut off a few inches from the bottom hem.  {The wider the panel, the larger the ruffle, but make sure you don't cut too much off of the bottom like I did}. 
  • Cut off one sleeve with sharp fabric scissors for the asymmetrical neck.  
  • Try the shirt on to see how it fits: If your tee is too loose around the underarm, add a few stitches or pin it to achieve the perfect fit!
  • Scrunch, pin, and sew ruffle to the diagonal neckline.  
You Never Knew You Could Make Your Own Clothes, Did You?!

So Fabulous!


Mrs. Mc said...

Ok, I want to make one now and I haven't sewn in years...

Jenna said...

I'll show you my first one. If you remember how to run a piece of fabric through the machine and thread the bobbin, you can do it!

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