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Flower Fun

Even though the month of May has passed, I am still loving flowers for June {and all of summer, for that matter}.  I wanted to share with you a few cute flower items and accessories that you can either purchase online or follow the tutorial and make for yourself!  I've found these items in various places {because flowers are EVERYWHERE, you know}, so the direct link and name is shown below each one.

First, flower rings
{for sale}

She has mum flower rings and rose flower rings for only $4 each {plus tax and shipping}!  They come in a variety of colors and would make a great summer accessory!
Check it out at SloDayDesign. 
You'll have to call her or email her if you'd like to purchase one of the rings.

Second, flower bookmarks

Since I've been able to get back in to reading, I have wanted a cute bookmark...and you can't get much cuter than this {unless it was personalized}! 
These two talented ladies over at Little Birdie Secrets give a great, easy-to-follow tutorial here.
Check it out!
Third, flower gift tags
{printables for purchase}

Sometimes, the wrapping is just as important as the gift.  If you're like me, and you love to make your gift wrapping perfect, check out this flower gift embellishment printable. 
You can purchase it for $4.00 at the PaperGlitter Etsy Shop.

Fourth, rosette necklaces
{for sale}

These necklaces are available at the Ruffles 'n Such Etsy Shop for $10.00!  Jill over at Made it on Monday featured them on her blog.  So cute!

Finally, ribbon flower accessory
Check out this great ribbon flower tutorial by Katie over at Something About Katie.  She has added embellishments to the flower in the picture, as well as attaching it to a headband, but you could switch things up and make it into a pin or simply sew it to a pillow.  Either way, there are only 3 supplies involved {ribbon, needle, and thread} and it's super easy!



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