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As is the way with most blog writers, I was a blog reader first.  I'd dabbled in blogging when it first became popular but never really had too many interesting things in my personal life to write about, so I dropped it.  Then about 2 years ago, I saw someone post a link to Little Green Notebook on Facebook and got hooked on blogs again {but for real this time}.  For a while, LGN was the only blog I read...and I LOVED it.  It sucked-up a lot of my time...until reading it led me to other blogs, and slowly I was completely emersed in blog world.

After a few months of this constant blog reading, I decided that I could write a blog {genius. right?}!...but that's the beauty of blogs, I belive, that everyone and anyone can write them.  Now, not every blog will have 2500 followers or become a book, but there is someone out there {or a few someones} who will appreciate, relate to, and enjoy your style.

So even though, I'm a blog writer, I'm definitely still a blog reader, and I wanted to share with you tonight some of my very favorite blogs so that you can enjoy them as well.

freckled laundry


...and the list just keeps growing!


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