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a new room

My sisters-in-law want to re-do their room and have asked me to help.  Now, when I say "re-do", I mean clean, organize, and THEN re-do.  We've done our basic programming (trying to incorporate what a college student and a middle school student living together would like), have cleaned, organized, and shopped.  Now, all that's left is to paint and install.  I'm really excited about about the finished product.  We're on a tight budget but have had lots of success finding exactly what we're looking for at a price that's within our budget.

I have before and during pictures right now, but will wait to post all of them until I have the after pictures.  In the meantime, here are the idea boards I created for them.

Have a great labor day weekend!  We're headed to the beach to celebrate our 5 year anniversary--hope you all get to relax a little as well!


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