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Citrus On My Mind

I'm really looking forward to our upcoming family vacation at the beach.  Vacations away from home are the only thing that forces me to stop working.  If I stay home, I'll find some project to work on, and then relaxation goes out the window.  So, vacations are a must, especially considering the sad reality that summer is coming to an end.

We always take the "family photo" on family vacation and, like most families, we try to work out a "color theme".  This year the color theme is citrus...appropriate for Florida, don't you think?  Citrus encompases a pretty wide range of colors, though, so hopefully we end up coordinated and not matchy-matchy.  Although, with our large group of 13, we never really know what that picture will look like.  So many personalities...

Anyway, in anticipation of our family photo, I thought I'd post a little bit of citrus inspiration.


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