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The New Neutral

So, if you're linked-up to my Facebook page, you saw my update yesterday on finding the Eiseman Color Blog.  It's a blog on color theory and it discusses the effects of color on everything from fashion to food. 

I was reading through it and found a little article on what the trend is for homes right now.  I thought it might be something you'd enjoy.

New Neutrals

"When it comes to color palette preferences, especially in home decor, there are those who prefer to avoid risk, with neutrals that don't overpower and that partner with every accessory in the room. To some, it's smart decorating, especially in times of uncertainty."

"Therefore, color professionals agree that a return to neutrals is likely. 'Historically,' explains Leatrice Eiseman, well-known forecaster and head of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training, "when money is tight and there is a concern about the longevity of a given color, some people have a tendency to 'play it safe.' Neutrals, especially grays, will continue to be an important part of the decision-making process for items within the home."

"While neutrals are safe, they won't be bland for 2010 and beyond. Added to the established neutrals of white, black, gray, brown, navy, taupe and beige, a whole new palette of neutrals have hit the scene. 'Some are tinged with green or blue, [a color such as] Champagne Beige adds a touch of luster-anew direction for neutrals,' Ms. Eiseman elaborates."


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