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Mason Jar Monday

So, I was noticing, today, that I have a lot of different-sized, empty mason jars.  I've used them to store dry beans, rice, or pasta in the past, but my mother-in-law is getting out of the Tupperware business and she's graciously given us our pick of her plethora of Tupperware items...which means, I don't need all of my mason jars for pantry storage anymore!

I decided I'd see what kind of ideas were "out there" for mason jars.  I found some pretty cute stuff--check it out!

This would be so cute in a craft room!

If you need a place for easy and quick needle & thread storage (like maybe something that's easily-accessible in your closet-- in-case a button pops off when you're getting ready in the morning), this would be cute and simple to make.  
Just find some batting or maybe even cotton balls, glue it to the flat part (sealer) of the mason jar lid, dig that scrap piece of fabric out of your craft bin, wrap it around the cotton, glue it down, screw-on the 2nd piece of the lid, and you're done!  So easy!
 If you want Martha's "official" way of making it, though, go here to get directions.

...If you want to electrify your mason jar, you could try this.
Here are the how-to details.

If you want to use them for lighting, but don't want to deal with wires and bulbs, you could always go this route...

How about some inexpensive photo holders?

They'd work beautifully for a vase...Now if I could just figure out where to find one of these wire mason jar holders...hmmm

A homemade soap dispenser:
Here's the how-to.

...and then there's always the thought of using them as a drinking glass.
Simple, enough!

Of course, I love these colored mason jars.  They would be perfect to hold soaps or bath salts in the bathroom.

Hope your Monday is wonderful!


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