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A Failed Project

Well, I am very disappointed.  I had this great project planned for today that I was going to tell you all about and...I failed...miserably.  I'm too embarassed to even show you the pictures.

Oh well.  I'll try again soon {since I know now what the problem was} and share the success story.

Instead I'm going to brag a little.  Do you remember when I found this great wire drinking glass holder?  I posted about it HERE.
It came from a cute little antique store and I had been looking for one.  When I got it, I bought mason jars that were small enough to fit into the wire circles and it's worked well as a catch-all {you know, for all of the change, pens, gum, etc. that our husbands dump out of their pockets when they get home} near our front door for months now.

Recently, I've seen a couple of different bloggers that have utilized a wire basket with mason jars as vases.  Like this one here from Life in the Fun Lane.  It's so simple but adds such a sweet touch to a space.

So, I made my own using the drinking glass holder and mason jars that were already it in {minus all of the items that had accumulated over the past few months}.

So, even though I failed miserably at my other project, I still have this arrangement to brighten my day!

Happy Summer!


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